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Maintenance Engineer's Essential knowledge

Maintenance Engineering


Maintenance Engineering

A Maintenance Engineer should possess significant knowledge of statisticsprobability and logistics, and additionally in the fundamentals of the operation of the equipment and machinery he or she is responsible for.

A Maintenance Engineer shall also possess high interpersonal, communication, and management skills, as well as the ability to make decisions quickly.

Typical responsibilities include

  • Assure optimization of the Maintenance Organization structure

  • Analysis of repetitive equipment failures

  • Estimation of maintenance costs and evaluation of alternatives

  • Forecasting of spare parts

  • Assessing the needs for equipment replacements and establish replacement programs when due

  • Application of scheduling and project management principles to replacement programs

  • Assessing required maintenance tools and skills required for efficient maintenance of equipment

  • Assessing required skills required for maintenance personnel

  • Reviewing personnel transfers to and from maintenance organizations

  • Assessing and reporting safety hazards associated with maintenance of equipment

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